Plum Voice API Reference

Welcome to Plum Voice's API reference site! You'll find documentation and testing tools here for all Plum product APIs, including Fuse, DEV, and VoiceTrends.

Use the following links to get started, or see the site overview below for an introduction.

Site Overview

In the leftmost sidebar, APIs are grouped by product: Fuse, DEV, and VoiceTrends.

Each product group lists individual pages for each available API method and its endpoint, such as the Queue Call API in Fuse or the SMS Status API in DEV.

Reference docs and live testing

Each API page contains reference documentation on the method and endpoint used, including parameters, example requests, and response schema.

You can test a displayed API on these pages. The request will be automatically generated as you enter parameter values. You can swap between a variety of code languages at any time.

Once you submit a request, you'll receive an immediate response and can review detailed information about both the request and response.

Requests and responses can be copied at any time. You can also generate a shareable link for any requests made by toggling "Share This Request".

Reference docs and live testing

  • All Plum APIs are RESTful.
  • All API requests use basic auth for authentication.
  • Required credentials may vary by API. See each API page for details.
  • All responses are in JSON.